The Doctrine Of God 's Existence Essay

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To provide an argument to justify that one’s beliefs are true beyond a shadow of a doubt can be a process in which faces many challenges. There must be a thorough unbiased investigation of what is trying to be discovered or verified which can often lead to one’s conjecture. There are many phenomenon in this world that would prove challenging to explain, and one of those things is the existence of a god. Throughout the history of humanity, there have been many speculations on this topic in particular, which has seemed to point towards many different possibilities. Saint Anselm provides a controversial argument for the rationalization of god’s existence, which requires a thorough analysis.
The first aspect of this argument that attracts my attention is the defining of different forms of existence. Theoretically, everything that exists manifests through the form of an idea or an object. It can often be conceived that something that exists through an idea doesn’t really exist at all. Philosophically speaking, this is false because the idea exists in our minds which is a source of a state of being. A known object must exist as an idea as well, unless the object is undiscovered which would make the idea of that object’s existence unconceivable. In my opinion, I think that Anselm has an unquestionable realization that god exists through an idea. If human beings have the ability to conceive the notion of god, than god undoubtedly exists as an idea. This is the part of Anselm’s…

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