Essay on The Doctrine Of Depravity And Human Race

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The doctrine of depravity says that man is as bad off as he can be. There is a vast difference between being as bad as he can be, and being as bad off as he can be. The doctrine of depravity has to do, not with man’s estimation of man, but rather with God’s estimation of man. (Pentecost 9-10)
The doctrine of depravity has to do not so much with man’s conduct as with man’s state. It has to do not so much with man’s behavior as with his condition before God. In Galatians 3:22 we read, “…the scripture hath concluded all under sin….” In this passage we see that God has made a universal pronouncement, a pronouncement that characterizes every creature. The entire human race is classified as being under sin. (Pentecost 10)
The Word of God uses a number of different words to describe the personal sins of the unregenerate man. The word transgression is used is used to describe man’s personal sin. Scripture refers to sin as iniquity, that which is altogether wrong. The word error is used, by which it is shown that the sinner disregards the right or goes astray from that which is the norm. The word sin is used of one’s personal transgression, and this refers to that which falls short of the mark or goes wide of the target. The word wickedness is used, and wickedness is the outworking and expression of an evil nature which is within man. The word evil is used, and refers to what is actually wrong or what opposes the goodness and the holiness of God. The word ungodliness is used for the…

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