Essay on The Divine Knowledge Of Chinese Religions

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The Divine Knowledge in Chinese Religions
Youteng Bi In no matter what religious traditions the discussion of divine knowledge is always an important topic, for it concerns the questions about the power of the divine. The discussion of the power of the divine often influences believers’ faith. In Abrahamic traditions, the discussion of the divine knowledge directly relates to the mighty of the God, thus many theologians in history devoted themselves to develop systematic theories on divine knowledge. The characteristics of the Abrahamic divine knowledge theory are largely influenced by linear time and space. Thus the discussion about the beginning and the end of the world counts one of the major parts of western theology. However, in Chinese religions, things are completely different. The time and space in Chinese culture is not linear but in circles. Chinese scholars do not pay much attention to the beginning or the end of the world, they tend to discuss more about how to deal with our “present”, how to solve our current problems. More importantly, although there is no systematic theory about divine knowledge in Chinese religious traditions (partly because of the feature of Chinese culture itself), divine knowledge is actually more crucial for salvation in Chinese traditions than it is in Abrahamic traditions. In this paper, I am going to discuss how the divine knowledge is formed in Chinese religions in terms of the knowledge of space and the knowledge of time.…

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