The Divine Comedy Dante Travels Through Nine Circles Of Hell Essay

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Every day millions of people sin. In the Divine Comedy Dante travels through nine circles of Hell, observing punishments caused by different sins. The more severe the sin that is committed, the more severe the punishment is endured. Throughout history famous figures, people in literature, and current celebrities, have committed these nine different types of sin. I will be placing these wrong doers in the different circles of Hell discussed in the story.
Circle zero, otherwise known as Vestibule, is not considered a circle of Hell. This part contains the people that took no side, good or bad. The neutrals were indifferent and chose to live life for nothing. A good example of someone to be put in Vestibule is Joe Paterno, former coach for the Penn State football team. Joe witnessed the events of Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing the football players and said nothing. On the other hand, he also did not participate in the event. This is a perfect example of someone who is neither good nor bad. Similarly, the sinners of Circle 1, Limbo, have also not committed an actual sin. People placed in Limbo did no harm in life but also did not believe in God. It is said in the bible in order to reach heaven you have to believe in the Lord. That is why someone like Mahatma Gandhi and Confucius belong in Limbo. Although the two men both promoted peace, they were never baptized and believed in false gods. Granted lust is more of an emotional sin, it is a sin nonetheless. The next circle…

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