The Dispute Between Biggie and Tupac Essay

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Michael Hovanetz
ENGL 1102
Ambitions That Killed

Many people are aware about the dispute during the mid 90’s between the West coast and East coast rap stars Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. (Jordan, 2011). Taking over the West coast Tupac dominated his side of the map. While the Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie was representing the East coast with a new style of Rap that streamed thought the city of New York. Fans from coast to coast have recognized the up coming new rap stars and the talent that they have brought to Hip-Hop. Each side of the coast supported either Biggie or Tupac. With the new style of “Gangsta Rap” that had been introduce from Tupac and Biggie, the two Rap stars were competing to become the best rap artist of their
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Tupac was shot five times. Biggie rushed down just in time to see Tupac being loaded into an ambulance before he could say anything to him (Jordan, 2011). Extending a middle finger while dying, Tupac blamed Biggie for the shooting and said that Biggie knew about it and failed to warn him. Evan though Biggie had nothing to do with the shooting, this sparked the East Coast, West Coast rivalry. Tupac later recovered from his injuries of the shooting in Manhattan. During this encounter, Biggie had admitted that he was scared for his life. Biggie never responded or acted to any of Tupac's disses. Tupac attacked Biggie with provocative statements, even starting rumors that there was a love affair between Tupac and Biggies wife Faith Evans (Biography Channel 2013).

After the whole dispute the entire country became divided into two hip-hop groups. “The West side and the East side”. In this case Biggie was signed with Sean Combs to Bad Boy Records and Tupac was signed to Death Row Records with Marion “Suge” Knight. After Tupac arranged a meeting with Biggie during 1995, Tupac whispered into Biggies ear saying “Im just trying to sell some records.” This was a slap in the face for Biggie and never thought that this would come down to publicity and lies.
Unfortunately, On September 7th, 1996, it became very real

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