The Disney Company 's Critique Towards Our Current Way Of Living

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Celebration is the Solution
Though many communal experiments seem to fail, certain intentional communities established during the 20th century still exist. Among those, one, created by the Disney Company, is an experiment in community planning which has the purpose of “[setting] up a system of how to develop communities” according to Michael Eisner, chairman and chief executive of Disney from 1984 to 2005 (Frantz and Collins 8). The city of Celebration in Florida is an example of intentional community that can inspire ideal cities of the future to increase the sense of community that has almost completely disappeared. The Disney Company’s critique towards our current way of living in a community guided them to find a solution that was inspired by the New Urbanism worldview, which emphasises a sense of community, education, health, and technology.
In the past, Americans lived in small towns where they enjoyed being part of a community. Nowadays, small town life and neighbourliness have become nothing more than a memory. As Hugh Bartling, a professor at DePaul University in Chicago, said, “suburban spawl [is] a ‘cancerous growth’ and [is] destructive of civil life” (375). Walt Disney’s Celebration was created in order to restore a sense of community and stop the unhealthy growth of suburbs. Disney recognized the current design of the suburbs as harmful to civil life since their characteristics discourage connectivity between the neighbours. Features of current suburbs include…

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