The Discrimination Of Mexican American Essay

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In the world today discriminations is nothing that is unusual and it comes in many shapes, sizes and form. For years African-American were discriminate against by whites and were not allowed to use the same restrooms, drink out of the same water fountains as well as ride in the front of the bus with them. Furthermore, when it came to getting jobs they were denied jobs because of their color. Yet it did not keep blacks from trying to become better people as well as get the jobs they felt that they deserved. Unfortunately, in today’s society this is still going on and it is no longer African-American who are being discriminate against but in fact it’s the Mexican-American who are now receiving this discrimination.
Society has now turned its focus on discrimination of Mexican-American because they fell that Mexican-American are now taking over the county and are afraid in my opinion of what they have to offer. A lot of people feel that Mexican come into this country illegally and take our jobs from us but they only take the job that a lot of people feel that they are too good to work because the wages are not up to their standards. Unfortunately, this has kept a lot of Mexican-American and African-American from getting jobs, homes and even car loans because of their ethnicity. There is also the fact that this discrimination not only apply to the races but genders as well.
Now if we go back and take a look at the scenario the Mexican-American man was relocating to an upscale…

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