The Discovery Of Recombinant Dna Essay

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Two key technologies known as gene splicing and polymerase chain reaction gave rise to a scientific phenomenon known as genetic engineering (Wright 196). Genetic engineering has shaken the world of scientists everywhere and has opened doors to a future that has never before been considered. It is clear that the world of medicine and agriculture have been revolutionized by genetic engineering while carrying serious risks and factors. Christians must recognize the fine line of looking to understand God’s work and overstepping his biological boundaries.
The discovery of recombinant DNA in 1986 (Wright 196) revolutionized and vastly improved the medical and agricultural field in ways never thought possible to mankind. Before recombinant DNA, patients diagnosed with Diabetes were required to buy insulin at a higher price than it is now. The lowered cost and increased production of insulin was made possible by the genetic engineering of bacteria (Johnson 1983; Wright 200). Each person has what one would call a DNA fingerprint that contains all the unique genes that an individual carries and can offers many services (Wright 200). Amplification of DNA found at a crime scene and comparisons with suspects allows crime investigators to more accurately identify perpetrators in investigations (Wright 200) and used to determine paternal relationships and eligibility for organ transplants (Wright 200). New methods of research became available and opportunities to better understand genes…

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