The Discovery Of Movies Essay

The Discovery of Movies

There are very few people in todays world that don’t enjoy sitting down on a comfortable couch, in front of a big screen, eating delicious snacks and having a nice cold drink. The movie and T.V. market has abounded will all the recent technology convergence, giving everyone the ability to watch their favorite movies or shows on their own time. An estimated 4.9 billion dollars was spent by consumers last year to buy and rent movies, and if that wasn’t enough, the market has been steadily going up by 2 to 3 percent for the last few years. So why is the movie market performing so well? A lot of the reason could be the new very easily accessibly businesses that have started, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox. Movies can
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The first invention called the Thaumatrope however, was not introduced until 1824, which was a two sided card with different images was twirled to make them appear to combine themselves. Then came the Zoetrope "a cylindrical device that rapidly twirled images inside a cylinder, which appeared to make the images move."(Campbell,2012). The first real developments really started with the inventor Muybridge when he started to manipulate photographs through a projector onto a screen. The first public showing involved a series of sixteen pictures that were used to prove weather or not a horse race lifts all four feet when its gallops (which it does). Thomas Edison was also another crucial inventor in the process of making movies. His first public showing, which used a vitascope which allowed for longer filmstrips, featured a boxing match and rolling waves. By the 1900 's short …show more content…
Many movies have been created for the pure influence on people, such as "Remember the Titans" pulling on the hearts of the audience to make them better understand the scrutiny on the black people and also to have compassion on those that are burdened with mental or physical difficulties. Some movies try to explain the differences of culture around the world, or there are war movies that explain the hardship our nation has gone through to receive freedom. But not all movies can be beneficial on the society, "repeated graphically violent scenes lead to desensitization. Each year the media industry raises the bar of gore, abuse, and gun violence to shock the viewers. As violence becomes more common, children become more aggressive and desensitized to the images they see."(Unknown, 2013). Movies can have both positive and negative effects on society both locally and throughout the whole world. It just up to you to choose how you want to be

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