The Discovery Of Fossil Fuels Essay

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cThe discovery of fossil fuels is the most significant economic and environmental factor in history. Coal, Petroleum and other natural resources are single largest source of revenue in the United States. The United States is one of the leading countries in Carbon emission, next to China at 24% of the worlds emissions. Although there are many natural gases are released naturally (such as methane and nitrous oxide) which contribute to the greenhouse gas effect; the effects are very miniscule. There are two primary views on the gradual rise in temperature in the mid-atlantic region: In one hand, a group of scientists believe that the gradual rise in the temperature is natural and that nothing we can do can stop it. On the other hand, scientist believe that the large amount of anthropogenic gases released are the primary reason for the green house effect and raise in temperature. The main focus is the mid- atlantic region in which the surface temperature of the water has the highest exponential increase in the world. Have humans caused a significant increase in the temperature in the mid-atlantic region? As these changes are becoming more prevalent towards the safety of lives of humans, scientist are conducting more research on the lookout for the cause of the rise in temperature; more specifically the temperature of the surface water. Using the environmental sense the conclusion is that: The increase in temperature in surface water the increase in the temperature, length and…

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