The Discourse Of A Discourse Community Essay example

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Joining a discourse community is something we have all experienced, whether it 's a particular sports team that you partake in or watch, or an online community like Tumblr, twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The discourse community I am involved with and would be discussing in this text would be the horror film and literature discourse community. According to Swales, there are six characteristics that make up a discourse community. They are common public goals, mechanisms of intercommunication among members, participatory mechanisms to provide information and feedback, utilizing one or more genres in communication, a specific lexis, and a threshold level of members with a degree of relevant content and discourse expertise (Swales 471-473).
Horror viewers and readers generally all have a common interest. It being, to watch or read and enjoy horror films and literature. I have been a part of the horror in film and literature discourse community for some time now. Although, I was unaware of my belonging to the community until we further dissected in class what could be considered a discourse community. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by horror, whether it be in films, literature like the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine which I grew up on, or events such as Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights which I will be attending later this year. According to a 2004 paper in the Journal of Media Psychology by Dr. Glenn Walters, the three primary factors…

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