The Disadvantages Caused By Standardized Testing Essay

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The Disadvantages Caused by Standardized Testing Professor Seymour Sarason once said, “we live in a test-conscious, test-giving culture in which the lives of people are in part determined by their test performance” (1959). Standardized testing has been an issue throughout the history of the United States. Research has continuously shown that standardized tests are not a fair measure of intelligence for individuals who suffer a variety of disadvantages. Additionally, the rigorous qualifications that are required by these assessments are often not met due to the challenges that schools and educators must face as well. As a whole, scholars agree that students, schools, and teachers face a variety of disadvantages as a result of standardized testing. From research on standardized testing, most studies draw the conclusion that racial disparities are a detrimental issue in society. For example, Brunn-Bevel and Byrd (2015) used data from the Virginia Department of Education to find evidence of this growing issue of inequality by comparing scores from students of different races. The authors found that African-American students “were more likely to fail each of these tests compared to their white peers but were frequently as likely to pass with a proficient score if they did pass the tests” (p. 438). In addition, Magnuson and Waldfogel (2008) discuss the relation between state-level income and children’s test scores. Both Magnuson and Waldfogel (2008) include that “higher…

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