The Dinosaur Chase Analysis

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Group Activity: After reading The Dinosaur Chase while asking and answering questions, the students will play “roll and retell” with their partner. Students will work with their reading partner and each have a roll and retell graphic organizer and a dice. The students will take turns and roll the dice. If it lands on one, the students will retell what the story is mostly about. If it lands on the number two they will discuss where the story takes place. If it lands on three they will discuss when the story takes place. If it lands on four they will retell who the main characters were. If they roll a five they will retell what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the book. If they roll a six they will discuss what questions they …show more content…
Students will be introduced to the term “main message” and “lesson learned.” The students will answer questions, such as, “Does anyone know what a main message is?” “What about a lesson?” “What do you think the main message may mean?” “Can anybody explain why they think the main message of a story may be important?” The students will be shown objects that I have in my bag. They will be shown shampoo, soap, conditioner, and a wash cloth. The students will be asked to turn and talk to their partner and discuss what they think the main message of bringing in these items may be. After a few responses are heard, the students will be told that the main message is the lesson you learned from the story. The main message of the items in the bag was to keep yourself clean and have good hygiene! There will be the definition of “main message” on chart paper that is covered until this point. Students will be told that when we focus on retelling the main message, we ask questions such as, “What is this story really about? “How do I know?” “What is the author trying to tell me?” The teacher will model the process of how to find the main message in The Dinosaur Chase. The teacher will think out loud and state “Hmm, what was this story really about?” “How do I know?” “Well, Big Dinosaur was hungry and wanted to eat Little Dinosaur so he chased him around. Little Dinosaur was smart and kept tricking Big Dinosaur so he …show more content…
The students will read independently on their own level and complete a graphic organizer similar to what was demonstrated during The Dinosaur Chase. The organizer has them filling in the blanks. It says “The main message of the story is… I know this because….” While the students are working, the teacher will walk around the classroom, assessing the students through questioning. The struggling readers will be grouped together in order to keep a closer eye and assist them more. The students will answer questions such as, “What is this story really about? “Is there a lesson?” “Does the author want you to know something? “How do you know?”

Share: Once the students have finished the assigned task, we will meet back on the rug to share. Each member of the group is expected to participate in the conversation by talking about one question or message they discovered while reading. The students will answer questions orally such as, “What is retelling?” “How do we retell the main message of the story?” “How do you know?” “Does everyone agree with what this group has come up with, why or why

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