The Dimensions Of The Arts Essay

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The Dimensions of the Arts in School
(An Argument Concerning the Validity of Arts in Educational Curriculums)
In the modern era, one of the most prominent debates is over what the youth’s curriculum should include. Basic core subjects, such as, Mathematics, English, History, and Science, will never disappear from the syllabus. The argument is, therefore, directed towards the arts. Classes, such as, Dance, Painting, Drawing, Choir, and Band, are under scrutiny for their validity in the school system. While some academic professionals say that these subjects are a waste of time because they distract from the core subjects, the evidence seems to point in the opposite direction. In an attempt to prove the latter true, an analysis of the arts will provide a social discursive approach to not only maintaining these classes as an elective option, but also support the idea to mandate such courses under the core curriculum.
Many benefits are apparent in music learning classes. Music has long been known to increase productivity and creativity, but until recently, the research has been spare. A study conducted at Indiana State University, discovered just last month—November of 2014—that, “We know children who receive music instruction have better math, executive functioning, and spatial skills” (Benefits). Although this is the first study of its kind, it only proves the long non-disputed fact that work ethic can improve while listening to music. In the past, music has been used to…

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