Gmo's Argumentative Essay

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Introduction Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) have been very import and very controversial because of the great things they do, and the potential harm they may cause. GMO’s are categorized as a plant or animal who’s genes have been purposely changed to unnaturally adapt it (Siegel and Verity). Are GMO’s dangerous to humanity? Some people think so, and they argue against the integration of GMO’s in our food industry. While opponents may think that GMO’s belong in a laboratory, other people want them in our food industry to benefit them. While taking one side or the other in this case is wrong, there should be certain laws enforced to balance GMO’s in our food industry.
Summary of Opposing Views The opposition to the integration of GMO’s
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However, just because GMO’s are potentially unsafe does not mean they should be banned from the food industry. The benefits of GMO’s are great. GMO’s enable the farms to have a much higher yield of crops, and use less herbicides and pesticides. (University of California, “GMO - Benefits”) These foods have made food have a longer shelf life. This enables stores to keep food in the store longer, and buy food in bulk instead of just wasting it. This lets us have an abundance of food keeping food prices …show more content…
Golden rice is rice genetically engineered to make a substance called β-Carotene (Harvard University). This substance is what makes carrots appear orange and the body metabolizes it into Vitamin A (Harvard University). This crop was made to help people in under developed countries get a sufficient supply of Vitamin A. Herbicide resistant corn was made to combat crop death with weed killers(Harvard University). This in turn made the farmers use less herbicide and made a higher yield of corn(Harvard University). GMO’s are designed to help the human population, and protect our

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