The Digital Revolution And Its Impact On Society Essay

2064 Words Dec 5th, 2016 9 Pages
The Digital Revolution is the advancement of technology from electric and mechanical devices to digital technology that is available today. This era started in the 1980s and is still ongoing. The digital revolution also started the information era. The information revolution describes the new economic, social, and technological trends today. This revolution has changed the world through capitalism, globalization, and the emergence of network technology. A new capitalism enables new technology; new technology enables a new society. Globalization is carried over networks of communications. The “new economy” is about new businesses and consumer products centers on the value of information. The digital revolution made people in the society today very dependent on technology but it has both positive and negative impacts on the society. The Digital revolution is a discourse that situates network technology at the center of social transformation. Technology becomes an unquestionable good, which suggests that any social problem is subject to a technical fix. Technology becomes a mean and an end. Technology functions as an ideological tool that mystifies mechanisms power and domination (SHEPARD, 1979). In today’s Technology driven world people expect to have ways to communicate with others at any given time. The focus is on how the new technologies impact what we see as normal and affects society’s values in today’s world. When looking around today almost everyone is on their smart…

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