The Digestive System Is The Process Our Body Essay example

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Introduction The digestive system is the process our body uses to give us energy and breaks down food, therefore we are able to move, sleep, and even think. Food allows your body to store energy and helps us grow. In our digestive system, parts of our body work together in order to pulverize the food we eat into small pieces that it can use. The food that is not used in the body, it either gets digested, or removed as waste. Digestion starts in your mouth as soon as you take in food, then it is liquefied.

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Digestion begins in your mouth when you begin to chew. Food is grinded up with your strong healthy teeth. Salivary Glands helps the mouth break down your food with your saliva. The saliva is the liquid in your mouth that soften your food. After your food passes through the mouth it then transits down to the esophagus to the stomach. The Digestive System is the long tube that runs from the back of your throat leading to the stomach called the esophagus. The muscles in your Guttlet mixes and pushes the food altogether, then sends it to the stomach. Digestive fluids break down even more from the stomach. Food is then, turned into dense muscles. Before your body can accomplish this affect, it has to break the food down.

When food reaches the small intestine, digestive fluids enter the food the help it break down into tiny molecules. Food molecules then move through the walls of the small intestine and into the tiny…

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