Essay on The Difficult Case Of Baby Teresa

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The Difficult Case of Baby Teresa A child is born without a brain. The baby girl still has her brain stem intact so her heart still beats and functions like breathing continue. Her organs are still perfectly functional and have the ability to save many other babies’ lives but after nine days without harvesting them her organs will have deteriorated to the point where they would be useless. Harvesting her organs, however, would end her life. This is the situation that the parents of baby Teresa found themselves in. In the recent discussions of the truly awful situation of baby Teresa a controversial issue is whether or not the parents of Teresa should sacrifice their baby’s life to save the lives of other babies. Many argue that the morally correct thing to due is to let baby Teresa die naturally because to do otherwise might be interfering with God’s plan for the baby. Many others believe that the morally correct thing to do would be to harvest the organs of Teresa because in doing so the most possible benefits and happiness will be generated. In difficult situations like that of baby Teresa it is almost impossible to know what the moral thing to do is. There are many different ways to approach questions like this for example, if one is a believer in the divine command theory one believes that one should do whatever god wants one to do and if one is an utilitarian one believes that one should do whatever generates the most happiness. These are two ways of trying to find…

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