The Differences Between Women And Women Essay

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In the myriad of ways that men and women are comparable, it is also a fact that there are variances between them. One of these differences is the frequency in which women apologize for their transgressions. Dr. Karina Schumann and Michael Ross of the University of Waterloo conducted a research that consisted of two studies that examined if women did in fact apologize more than men and if gender played a role in what is considered an offensive act. For the first study, 66 participants were asked to keep a daily journal of offenses they had committed or someone had perpetrated against them and if whether or not they had offered an apology or an apology was given to them. In the second study, 120 participants were told to rate the severity of an offense, either real or imaginary, and if the offense deserved an apology. At first glance women seem to apologize more than men do, but the studies demonstrate that men are willing to apologize just as much as women. Gender is only relevant when examining the severity of an offensive behavior.
For many years the assumption that women are more apologetic than men have presented itself and has been only addressed as bias opinions or bias anecdotes that assume women as the culprit. The research completed by Karina Schumann, Ph. D. does not automatically assume that women are to blame for their actions, she assumes that there is more to the quandary than just anatomy. In taking such approach, Dr. Schumann can have a broader view of what…

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