Essay about The Differences Between The South And The North

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Moving from Boston, MA to Mooresville, NC can be quiet a culture shock. Especially if you move here after spending twenty years up north. Being in the north is everything is fast paced no one talks to each other unless you know them. We are fiercely protective of our own. We have a great love for pro sport teams. The south is vastly different. People talk to everyone. Not too many people who live here are from here. College teams rain supreme. The differences between the south and the north are vast. In Boston people are constantly moving and running we are always in a hurry. We drive, walk, run and talk fast. People who live in Boston are generally more cranky. We are not nice to people especially strangers. We do not talk to people we do not know. If you are not familiar with us we will seem rude. We also have no patient. People in Mooresville are far more talkative and open especially with strangers. People here walk, talk, and drive slow. It is a simpler place without a lot of pressure. People here talk to everyone about everything. People here are more easy going and paint. Northaners are far more straight forward and honest at first impression than southaners. Southaners will be nice and poliete to strangers. Obviously people are people but people of the north can be angry at first because we do not trust anyone where as in the south people try to be nice to everyone at first no matter what.

In Boston we are fiercely proud and loyal of our sports teams the…

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