The Differences Between Science And Science Essay

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What is of greater value; scientific knowledge, or metaphysical beliefs? Science and metaphysics, or pseudoscience, are two different things that help us develop better understandings of the world around us. Should one hold more value than the other? Is there a scientific explanation for the human condition? Can science tell us our purpose in life? Is it foolish for an educated person to place their beliefs into myth? Where should we look for the meaning of human existence? Some of these questions have simple answers, others are more difficult. Throughout my life I have found myself walking a fine line that stretches between science and metaphysics, trying to find the balance between the two. At times I place more value into scientific fact, but there are some questions that I don’t feel require factual answers. So where do I draw the line between the two?
First and foremost, we will need to establish the differences between science and pseudoscience. Science deals with our understanding of the physical world around us. We use it to test theories that we’ve formed through observation. By actively testing the theories with the intent of disproving them, we gather more information that supports our idea. However, pseudoscience is a belief that is often presented as being scientific, but does not hold up against the scientific method because it cannot be tested or disproven. Popper discusses that it is an issue when someone considers pseudoscience…

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