Essay on The Differences Between Muslims And Isis

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“We can’t let any more Muslims into our country.” This is a very close-minded statement that we hear quite frequently in today’s society, given all of the incidents with ISIS. The issue with people that think like this, is that they do not know all of the facts. In truth, The Islamic religion is not the same as ISIS. The question is, “What is the difference between Muslims and ISIS?” “How did ISIS start?” “Do most Muslims agree with what ISIS is doing?” If only everyone took it upon themselves to understand the facts before trying to keep an entire group of people out of our country.

What I know I know that Islam is a monotheistic religion, which means that they serve one God. They do not believe in a Messiah like Christians do, but they do believe that they are many important prophets of God. The most important prophet to Muslims is Muhammad. They do in fact believe that Jesus was a prophet, they just don’t think that he was the son of God. Muslims live under the five pillars of their religion. I understand fully that Islam is not the same as ISIS. ISIS is a group of extremists that follow the religion of Islam. Not all Muslims are terrorists. The acts of terror that ISIS has been committing is making people panic, which leads to unreasonable decisions.

What I Want to Know
There are so many things that I don’t know about the religion of Islam. I would like to know why Muhammad is so important to them. If he is the most important prophet, he must…

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