The Differences Between Me And My Grandmother Essay

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Family is a bond, that many people share. They are the people who never lets us down, keeps us moving forward, and loves us unconditionally. However, family doesn 't have to revolve around blood. Families can be made by adoption, close friends, and much more. There are generations and generations of our family that we might not know a lot of about, but the family people have now has impacted our lives. However, not everyone family is perfect we have our times that they can make us want to scream to the top of our lungs, but you usually get over it. All families are different, depending upon how one was raised. Now a days technology is so high tech it changes how we see the world. Especially, comparing the differences between me and my grandmother.
My grandmother was born August 21, 1942 in Rutherford, North Carolina. When discussing the topic with my grandmother, you could see it in her eyes. The smile she had remembering all the fun times she had as child, and how our life turned out. It was like entering this flashback of memories. We first discussed about her parents, and how she was raised. My grandmother was raised by her mother and father. Her father had past away a very long time ago, but her mother had past away here recently at the age of hundred and three years old. Her family was very church oriented. Actually, when asking what success meant to her, she said "raising a Christian family and having a good successful life, not only for me, but also my kids and…

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