The Diction Of Poetry In Poetry By Marianne Moore

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The poem “Poetry” by Marianne Moore explains what makes poetry, poetry. She uses different poem techniques to display her thoughts of what it is like to read poems. The author regards poetry from the view of someone who does not understand poetry in all its “rawness” (Moore line 37). She states what most people are thinking when they read poetry. Moore uses imagery, diction, and metaphor to emphasize that poetry is necessary for people to have an outlet.
The way the reader perceives the poem reflects on how well the writer can get their point across. Some people do not understand because of the “fiddle” most poets use to make the poem sound more in depth than it really is (Moore line 2). The “fiddle” she is referring to is the fraud of thought behind the poem (“fiddle”def. #4). The poem may have no real reason, other than the writer saw a tree and wanted to write about a tree. The reader also has to play a part in the process as well. A person can only understand the poem if they open their mind to it. If a person does not try to understand, then they will show “contempt for it” (Moore line 3). The reader has to want to understand and the writer has to actually make a point to write something worthwhile.
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Once a person is in-depth with poetry and loves it life becomes real for them. A person is “interested in poetry” when it is their pride and joy, they do not mind read or writing it (Moore line 39). They do this because it becomes their stress reliever. Moore is really trying to say yes some poetry is not poetry, but you have to figure out what is and what is not for that particular person. Some people dig the sonnets, while others rather have one about sports or nature. Moore wants the reader to go out and explore the poetry world for themselves. Let the reader get their poetry juices flowing. Maybe in the end they become poets themselves. Let them decide. Poetry gets people out of the hard spot they maybe

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