The Diamond Necklace By Guy De Maupassant Essay

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Why is it that some women are never satisfied? This is a question that many people ask, but the answer is debatable. It may be a deep-rooted crisis, dissatisfaction in a relationship, or maybe some women are born with the desire to be showered in lavish clothing and jewelry. In “The Diamond Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, this is true for the main character Mathilde. She finds herself in a life that she feels wasn’t meant for her, with a man who isn’t enough. Her raging desire for more out of life will lead to her own social demise. Guy de Maupassant uses character development, setting, and secondary characters to convey the importance of appreciation and to not “covet thy neighbor.” Mathilde would suffer much through her life as the result of self-induced predicaments. Her envy of others and dismay of her life would be the root of her down-fall and there was no one to blame but herself. Mathilde was dissatisfied with every aspect of her life and felt that only material items could satisfy her lust, “She had no gowns, no jewels, nothing. And she loved nothing but that.” Mathilde didn’t acknowledge what she already had and would use both her husband and her friends to satisfy her desires. Mathilde borrowed and lost her friends diamond necklace, which she would lose everything for, “That dreadful debt must be paid. She would pay it. They dismissed their servant; they changed their lodgings; they rented a garret under the roof.” If only Mathilde appreciated her lifestyle, her…

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