The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Bulimia Eating Disorder Essay

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Bulimia Nervosa
The diagnosis and treatment of Bulimia eating disorder can be a tough journey to face and overcome on a daily basis. The main obstacle that a person with an eating disorder will face on a daily basis is the way they feel about themselves and how society views them. While thinking that society is always judging negatively, this causing a person to feel so negative about themselves and their self-esteem begins to go down. This particular eating disorder is marked by binging, purging, taking laxative, and exercising in order to avoid any weight gain. Brooks et al., (2011) state that, “Bulimia Nervosa eating disorder (BN) is defined as a recurrent episode of binge eating disorder of large amounts of food and measures the amount of weight that has been gained” (pg.1). While there are purging that occurs, a person with this particular eating disorder will have the need to eat a large portion of food, all in a short amount of time. Moreover, Bulimia is linked to Binge due to the fact that a large portion of food is being consumed in a small amount of time. According to Fitzsimmons et al. (2014), "As diagnoses of BN and BED currently require an objectively large quantity of food during binge episodes" (pg.230). The only differences of these two particular eating disorders are that the Bing eating disorder occurs consistently meanwhile Bulimia eating disorder, the binging occurs in episodes rather than all the time. This eating disorders may happen to anyone, but it…

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