Essay on The Developmental State Model Development

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It is widely accepted that the features of the developmental state model played a vital role in East Asian states, guiding them to historically unprecedented industrial transformation, and it is unanimously agreed upon that the developmental state model was successful in economic growth of the East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. However, the puzzle we have to solve is whether the developmental state model delivers development without limitation, or if the model is doomed to failure once the industrial catch up has been achieved. This essay will briefly elucidate the features of the developmental state model for their success in the developing phase of an economy and compare the differences with the current model drawing close attention to Korea as an example. Its aim is to agree that the developmental state model, although it ignited the ‘Asian miracle’, is no longer effective once industrial catch up has been achieved.
Korea, with an unprecedented speed, has brought its economic development. So what made Korea that orchestrated the rapid industrialization and economic growth from one of the poorest countries to one of the most leading countries in technology? We need to examine the features of the developmental state model that Korea incorporated, as well as other East Asian countries. According to Onis (1991), Korea, Taiwan, and perhaps Japan (although Japan had a stable democracy, they had one party in control throughout post WWII era by Liberal…

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