Colonialism And Imperialism Essay

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The legacies of colonialism/imperialism by the French, British and the Japanese powers in Asia have garnered a debate between the relationship of economic expansion and colonialism/imperialism. Colonial and Imperial apparatuses in Asia can be clearly marked as experiences that are both differing and similar in terms of economic expansion, within Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and India, in both their impact and relationship between the two but also in the impact that it had left in each nation.
The Japanese created a highly disciplined rational type of colonialism especially in how they took a direct approach in their economic expansive regimes. Korea (1910-1945) and Taiwan (1895-1945) were both colonized by the Japanese1 and led very similar trajectories.
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Japan can thus be characterized as imperialist but also capitalist, and a colonizer but also a modernizer1. By the mid 1970’s North and South Korea, as well as Taiwan were success stories1. Both nations were advanced economically, through infrastructure and through better education1. The Japanese provided state sponsored loans within Taiwan and Korea, which in turn shaped industrial development1. They also invested in human capitol and transportation1. Japanese colonialism nurtured the Korean business class and heavy industry accounted for 18% of total industrial production in Korea1. Taiwan’s industrial effect was vital in its quick growth as it reduced the high costs of urbanization, helped labor-intensive industries and led to rational economies of scale1. The Japanese also dispersed Taiwan’s …show more content…
The French had colonized Vietnam and held onto it until 1975, which resulted in a 30-year war that left the nation impoverished1. Vietnamese planners found that Soviet style developments that emphasized solely heavy industries were unsuitable for the country as it relied primarily on the agrarian sector1. Vietnam did not experience any benefits of development, it only experience exploitation1. Small businesses were not encouraged and education was not a priority1. The French molded Vietnam into export based economy and encouraged extractive economic activity that was oriented towards the exportation agro mineral products1. The French did not tie colonial development to metropolitan industrialization1. Thus, Vietnam was simply an exploited colony that was colonized without seeing the dawn of any developmental modernity. In many aspects the interconnecting realms of economic and political aims are overlooked thus, we can seen how political action by the Japanese aided in the growth of economic expansion is both Taiwan and Korea, as opposed to Vietnam under the French, who paid little to no attention on their political ramifications that could aid in their economic expansion. Rather the French focused on the exploitation of Vietnams

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