The Impact Of Kim Dae Jung's Sunshine Policy In South Korea

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Kim Dae Jung, from being held captive by the Korean government to eventually leading South Korea as President, became a symbol for democracy and the new progressive South Korea. Although many international leaders and nations worked to implement democracy in South Korea, Kim Dae Jung’s Sunshine Policy and endeavor for human rights was what revolutionized the nation. Kim Ddae Jung, originally an emblem for opposition, moved between government positions and spending time in jail cells for speaking against the residing powers of South Korea. However, after several attempts, Dae Jung managed to win the 1997 election which allowed would allow him to attempt to implement his new ideas and. South Korea had been in a horrific state before Kim Dae Jung …show more content…
Once in control those leaders concealed problems in the government and outside world, and fed their people false information. The longstanding corruption in South Korea ultimately generated the financial collapse that occurred shortly before Dae Jung took control. Once in power Kim Dae Jung immediately began the execution of his Sunshine Policy. The policy’s main goal was to improve the relations between North and South Korea, and in the process help repair the economic system of North Korea. The Sunshine Policy called for a meeting between North and South Koreans in which families could finally reunite. Not only did Kim Dae Jung work on his Sunshine Policy, but he also put a major emphasis on democracy and the improvement of human rights. Dae Jung, as the first ruler to come to power peacefully, pulled Korea out of their economic crisis in record time and worked to regain the trust of his country’s people after the extent of the nation’s corruption was revealed to them. Although Kim Dae Jung formed his ideas on the past experiences of South Korea, his overall legacy shaped the future of the nation and the rest of …show more content…
Dae Jung was the first opposition leader to peacefully take power in South Korea and immediately began his work work with North Korea, the economy, democracy, and human rights. As the United States president Barack Obama stated, Kim Dae Jung immediately began breaking “longstanding taboos in South Korea” (Sang-Hun). The Asian financial crisis had recently demolished the economy of South Korea when Kim Dae Jung took over as president. Kim Dae Jung managed to pull his country out of the devastating economic state they were in within two years of being elected president, a record time (Kim Dae-jung and North Korea). Dae Jung was widely praised for managing to partially pay back the country’s loans and create jobs for the unemployed. ose without. Kim Dae Jung’s accomplishments, unprecedented never-before-seen in South Korea, drastically improved the quality of life in his nation. Previous rulers of South Korea sent thousands of children, who had been put up for adoption, abroad to families without sufficient background checks. Many of these children were put into the hands of people not fit to care for them. Kim Dae Jung made a public apology on behalf of the government of South Korea to his country (Lee). This was the first time a government member recognized the unethical treatment of these Korean children that had been

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