The Development Of Malcolm X Essay

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The author, Alex Haley, uses style, content, and structure to show the development of Malcolm X through his life. The author 's purpose is to engage the reader and help the reader understand the person that Malcolm X had become throughout his life. Alex Haley was told these stories by Malcolm X, and used certain situations in Malcolm X’s life to contribute to the power and beauty of the text. The author also uses imagery and certain words to convey Malcolm X’s development. Central ideas such as racial identity, segregation versus integration, and systemic oppression was an enormous part of his development and contributes to the author’s purpose.
The structure of the book starts off with a story before Malcolm X was born. Immediately, the author starts off the book with a terrible situation of when his mother was pregnant with him and the KKK shouting “get out of town because the “good Christian white people” were not going to stand…” (pg. 1). This very first event in the book sets up an ongoing problem throughout the whole book and throughout all of Malcolm X’s life. This situation shows that this racism happened even before Malcolm Little was born. The whole first chapter of the book was a repetition of violence in Malcolm X’s early life. The beginning of the chapter was structured to show the racist society that Malcolm was born into and is a key factor into Malcolm Little’s character.
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Malcolm X developed a lot throughout the course of chapter 2. Now…

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