Essay about The Development Of Electronic Health Records

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The modern world has brought many advances in healthcare. One of the most useful to my professional practice has been the development of Electronic Health Records (EHR), which are simply digital versions of paper charts. Computer-based patient records have greatly impacted how things are now done in my unit and in my facility. 53 percent of physicians believed that the use of EHRs can improve the quality of care they provide (Wynia 2011). We have been using computer based health records for several years and over the years, we have transitioned into more programs and several different systems being used. This has streamlined our hospital 's ability to provide quality patient care and offer continuity of care in the various outlying facilities. At my facility, computer-based patient records are widely used. Doctors and nurses can at the touch of a button, view past medical history and admissions to our facility, as well as, lab and procedure reports and nurses notes; providing instant access to information about a patient 's medical history, allergies, and medications. This can enable providers to make decisions sooner, instead of waiting for information from test results and increases organization and accuracy of patient information . The "patient portal" is also way to share information with patients and their family caregivers - allowing patients and their families to take part in and make more informed decisions about their health care. According to a PHR survey, a…

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