Essay on The Development Of Digital Literacy

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The development of digital literacy has become the key requirement for people to be successful in today’s globalised world. The past decades have proved that there is a definite need for Computer Science (CS) and computational thinking to be taught and integrated into any school’s curricula (K. Falkner, Vivian, & N. Falkner, 2014). The already obtained results cannot be considered as highly expected since “schools are failing to provide students with access to the key academic discipline of CS” on a global scale (Gal-Ezer & Stephenson, 2009, as cited in Falkner et al., 2014, p. 3). Moreover, classroom pedagogies and professional knowledge shaped by educational practices during the years of teaching and learning are the distinct features “of a transcultural and cosmopolitan teacher” (Luke, 2006, as cited in Lingard, 2007) who is able to understand the important role of technologies to transform and sustain human societies and develop solutions to complex challenges (The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), 2016). As Eisner (2000) points out, the contemporary teachers should “have the strength to free ourselves from the habits that we ourselves have formed” (p. 356) in order to improve the education for students in the coming millennium.
To address these issues and change the paradigm the Commonwealth countries, Australia and England, have made significant changes to their K-12 curricula in recent years. In 2013, England released its…

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