Essay on The Development Of A Tool By Neil Fleming

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There are many characteristic traits that make up human beings are which are complex. One of which is the way new information is processed in the form of learning. Throughout the years, there were constant challenges experienced between teachers and students which provided a catalyst in the development of a tool by Neil Fleming. He identified four main learning styles Visual, Aural/ Auditory, Read/Write and Kinesthetic (VARK). This was a much needed resource to assist in the learning needs of students, and is still being used by many now. This genius development also causes an awareness that there are persons who poses a combination of more than one of these learning styles and how such knowledge can make them a successful learner.
The VARK Assessment
The first step in identifying the learning style was to complete a questionnaire. After which a report was generated and scores were assigned to each of the four learning type. It was highlighted from the report that there was a type of learner that uses a multimodal approach to learning. This is “the ability to use two or more learning modalities as the situation arise in order to retain and understand new information” (Sophia, 2016). It was further noted that it is not uncommon for an individual to use more than one modality in learning.
In fact, there are two types of multimodal learners. There are “VARK type one learners who are more flexible in their approach; they use any modality as the situation requires. However,…

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