Essay on The Development And Functioning Of Human Society

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Sociology is the study of the development and functioning of human society. Throughout my college years, I learned so much based on Emile Durkheim method on the development of sociology as a discipline. His main concept was the social facts, which is norms, values, morals, and structure within a society. Durkheim theory of functionalism is about the natures of the mental states of an individual. Functionalism can be defined in terms of its causal dealings to the environmental effects on the body, intentional mental states, and physical behavior every mental state should be defined in terms of how something functions. Which leads to my question what is freedom if people can easily be controlled mentally through systems in every day society? Freedom is not considered in the theory of functionalism. Based on the environmental effects on our bodies it won’t allow us to be free. Home, work, and school are perfect examples of environments that affect our emotional as well as our physical health. Our physical surroundings can increase or decrease our stress, which can in return impact our bodies in more ways than we know. For example, when it comes to school we are so determined to be the best by getting good grades, maintaining our GPA, and getting involved in everything that we can to the point that we become overwhelmed from everything on our plate. Moreover, this can cause a big increase in our stress level. I personally believe that if when you are stress your mind is not free…

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