Essay about The Deterioration Of The American Dream

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The Deterioration of the American Dream
The American Dream is characterized by the social ideal that every individual must have an equal opportunity to achieve their personal definition of success, prosperity, economic independence, freedom, fame, etc. People accomplish the American Dream through diligent work and determination regardless of how low on the economic or social level an individual is. The American Dream is defined by achieving success, independence, and being able to reinvent one’s self through hard work, however, the tragic ending of the Great Gatsby influences the reader to pause and contemplate about the possibilities and the limitations of the American Dream. The author portrayed the collapse of the American Dream by implying and conveying that integrity, merit, and determination are not enough to achieve the American Dream. In his novel “The Great Gatsby,” F. Scott Fitzgerald uses symbolism, motifs, and imagery to reveal the decline and corruption of the American Dream during the roaring twenties, post-World War 1, as the American Dream began to shift towards materialism and selfish pursuits of one’s pleasure.
The green light presented in the novel by Fitzgerald symbolizes Gatsby’s longing, hopes, and ambition of having Daisy and reclaiming her love back. The “green light that burned all night at the end of [Daisy’s] dock” suggested Gatsby’s unattainable dream and shattered, desolate fantasy at the end of the novel (99). The color green is associated…

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