The Destruction Of The Apocalypse Essay

1259 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
As modern society begins to polarize away from traditional Christian views, the fears that Christianity distilled into humanity have begun to take a new form. In the past, the apocalypse has been seen as an end to the world as we know. An event that would save those who followed God’s word while condemning those who failed in this task. However, popular culture has appropriated a new interpretation of this Christian event. We will attempt to define the how the apocalypse has been reinterpreted, as well as, how violence from God does not necessarily predict an oncoming apocalypse.
With the creation and deployment of nuclear weapons, society has gained the ability to physically view the destructive apocalyptic potential that humanity can cause. Before this, the apocalypse could only be seen through a person’s imagination. This changed has allowed for humanity to see the apocalypse as entirely real and entirely human creation. However, instead of fearing this, humanity tends to ignore the possible reality of nuclear devastation, trusting that world leaders will abstain from the “unthinkable” (James 26). This assumption of the public varies from their governmental leaders who are militarizing and arming themselves in an attempt to combat a possible nuclear war. In the past, the apocalypse was used as a tool to unite humanity under a common fear. However, recently this has not been the case. This can be seen through the banning of the movie The War Game: A hyper…

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