The Destruction Of Planet Earth Essay

1020 Words Dec 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Scientists believe that planet Earth has spent over four billion years evolving to what it is today. It has been home to a plethora of biological life from microorganisms to mammals and everything in between. Just as the planet evolved life followed suit, with each age dawning a new food chain and atop this hierarchy has always stood a dominating species. Earth has always been a cradle for these creatures, until the inevitable evolution of the planet no longer supports them. This is how the life cycle of our planet functioned until sometime during the Pleistocene Epoch, a period between one million eight hundred thousand years ago, and twelve thousand years ago. This change was brought about by the dawn of mankind. Humanity was the critical turning point of the ability of biological life to affect its environment. Until man, animals could not manipulate the planet and its resources enough to fundamentally change the Earth. Whether you see it as a positive or a negative, mankind can impact every facet of life on the face of the planet, even ourselves. Now the ability of humans is undeniable. We have the power to create, alter, and destroy just about anything in our world, and we have. We have contributed to the most radical changes that affect the Earth today. One serious change that we must focus on, is the effect that we have on ourselves. Human history is full of war, violence, murder, and countless other actions that have negatively impacted us from the past to the…

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