The Design Of Kanye Omari West Essay

1848 Words Nov 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Controversial continues to be the adjective that defines Kanye Omari West. On his Saint Pablo tour in San Jose Last week, Kanye proclaimed that if he had voted he would have voted for Donald Trump. The large rectangular stage he stands on is suspended from the ceiling and is at the center of a Colosseum style stadium. The lights casts a reddish/orange hue on the stage, a stark contrast against the blacked out crowd. The design of Kanye’s concert is very much a metaphor for how he is viewed in popular culture. Always at the center of attention, an eccentric figure who constantly wishes to shine the spotlight on himself and his worldview. The significance of Kanye as an icon in popular culture and black culture gives him a power that few figures in America possess. A product of south side Chicago, a city which just passed 700 murders this year, the influence of Kanye commands the intentions of millions all the way from the White House (Barack Obama) to the author of this essay. Outward support of a figure as racist as Donald Trump from Kanye west is simply shocking. It seems like another Kanye episode, the crazy narcissistic genius back at it again. Between systematically racialized police violence and the recent election results the ugly racial underbelly of America is larger than ever. Following the lead of Van Jones, who is on a quest to talk to and understand Trump supporters, I will attempt to accomplish the same goal. Since Kanye has not yet returned my phone call, I…

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