Essay on The Depression And Its Effects On Adolescent Depression

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It is commonly known that today’s adolescent have the mental state of most mental health patients in the 20th century. This is due to the pressure that is put on adolescents and the factors in their life that contributes to their mental state. Many adolescents are clinically or socially associated with depression. Psychologist have been studying what exactly triggers the surfacing of depression in adolescents and have concluded that the main triggers. The main triggers of depression in an adolescent are school-related stress, peer pressure, and stress put upon them from society and their families. The sources found conclude the correlation of these aspects of an adolescent’s life and the contribution these aspects have to adolescent depression. The sources show the triggers in which mainly cause an adolescent’s depression to surface. Peers, school, familial, and societal pressures are the main triggers discussed in these sources.
Literature Review
Peer Triggers
Many studies have been done to show the correlations between an adolescent’s life and the mental health of that adolescent. Stress and negative responses from peers can trigger an adolescent’s depression to surface. For instance, Rudolph and Flynn(2011) analysed a study that showed the correlation in negative interactions between people and the levels of stress caused and the contributions of stress to the symptoms of depression in adolescents. Their article “Stress Generation and Adolescent Depression: Contribution…

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