Essay about The Dentistry And Oral Health Policy

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The focus of this essay is to critically analyse and evaluate one aspect of Scotland’s Dentistry and oral health policy (2005) particular attention will be given to children’s oral health and how this policy was implemented into practice.
McMahon et al. (2011) explains that dental decay is an almost a completely preventable condition, however dental caries remains one of the world 's most prevalent diseases in childhood. The typical Scottish diet is high in sugar and contributes to well over the recommended daily amount for children (Barton and Wrieden 2012) high sugar consumption in the form of non-milk extrinsic sugars (NMES) is one of the several risk factors that have been identified in the development of dental cavities, along with insufficient oral hygiene, timing of food consumption and social class. (Fisher et al. 2007).
Oral health is at the forefront of the Scottish Government’s agenda, the main policy that has lead the direction of oral health care within Scotland is the Action Plan for “Improving Oral Health and Modernising Dental Services in Scotland” (Scottish Government 2005). In the past dental health policy has focused on treatment methods rather than prevention. However, this focus has shifted and this policy along with delivery programmes are concerned with prevention strategies as well as treatment methods, this is a detailed focus within the policy to ensure preventative action is being taken. The policy comes from a robust evidence base set out in the…

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