The Degeneracy Of Relationships Through The Love Of Money Essay

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The Degeneracy of Relationships Through the Love of Money
Nick Carraway, the protagonist in The Great Gatsby, is placed in an environment filled with ideas that are fundamentally different than his. It is the characters that populate the story that have a stark divide in perception between themselves and Nick. Through social interaction, he can increasingly discover the drastic change in nature between himself and the people around him. One such social meeting has Nick in a hotel room with an abundance of characters that share a common bond: their love of wealth. This event happens on page 34 through 36. Major players are given a name among the crowd and are given lines that only further demonstrate the matter of one theme from the novel: the 1920’s ushered in an air of immorality and careless, money-worshipping individuals. Myrtle Wilson and, her sister, Catherine are the two main important characters to focus on; along with Mrs. Mckee because of the wealth of material in words they provide to prove how the Fitzgerald, the author, makes his point about the materialistic time period. With Fitzgerald’s use of diction, imagery, and details, he is able to objectify the greedy nature of these characters, and how this point of view is also shared by the rest of society in the 1920’s.
Certain words used within the passage assert air of dominance Catherine and, more importantly, the upper class feel when compared to the less privileged. The concept of one social class being greater…

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