How Did Nick Carraway Become Rich In The Great Gatsby

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We all remember that one day in fourth grade when the teacher asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Immediately, our imaginations started churning, thinking over the endless possibilities of jobs, and always trying to outdo the imagination of our friend sitting across the table. Some kids shouted out a firefighter, a nurse, a priest, a teacher. Yet, there was always that one kid who thought that he was the best. He would proudly say, "I want to be rich." Now, everyone in the class longed to be like him. Welcome to the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's classic novel The Great Gatsby, a life that is filled with hopes and dreams of happiness and a wealthy future. Throughout the novel, the reader follows Nick Carraway and his journey into the …show more content…
He lives in West Egg, next door neighbors to Gatsby. He is constantly mesmerized by the mysterious Mr. Gatsby, and Nick wants to see the past life of him and his journey to wealth. Nick hopes to find wealth and success during his time out West. He longs to live in a world filled with opportunity and wonder, and he believes that it is only possible because of money (The Big Read, Jen). However, he comes to realize the danger of money and its ability to transform a person. He sees that money drove Gatsby to his death. He sees the impurity of Daisy. He sees the unfaithfulness of Tom. Mr Wilson said, “You may fool me, but you can’t fool God” (Chapter 8). People continually rely on money to cover up their actions. Nick notices that this society is one of dishonesty and wealth, not the society he hoped for in the beginning. He now simply condemns his neighbors’ lavish lifestyles (The Big Read, Gioia). He realizes that this life, sooner or later, will crumble and fall under the greediness of the people. At the beginning of the story, Nick’s purpose was to gain wealth, but by the end, it is a longing for hope more than anything

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