The Definition Of Personality Today Essay

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The definition of Personality today can be viewed in many discipline but I believe there is one central element and key points that is acceptable by society today. Although it might be worded differently by numerous psychologists, its idea remains the same. Personality is a system of parts that is organized, develops and it’s expressed in a person’s actions. The system of parts includes attractiveness, motive, the self, mental model, and emotions. Personality is a set of psychological trait and mechanism within individuals that are organized and relatively enduring that his or her interaction with and adaptations to, the internal psychological process of individual, physical and social environment. (Mayer, 2007). The main idea is how people responds and act to various situations in the environment differ and accounts for their behavior. People behaviors are sometimes based on traits, dimensions or categories. For example, a correlational study of personality that was design to test the relationships between personality trait of undergraduate students on, sensation-seeking and illicit drugs use shows that the higher the sensation-seeking tendencies of the students, the greater the amount of heavy drinking (r= +.41, p<0.05) (Ryckman, R. M. 2013). In this case, sensation seeking is largely rooted in the person’s biological traits and also assess the extent to which the students perceived their actions with use of the drugs may influence their behavior. By…

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