The Definition, Nature And History Of Tourism Essay

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1. Provide an introduction to the definition, nature and history of Tourism. (approx. 200 words)

Tourism can be known as a person’s pursuit to travel and stay out of their normal comfort zone and what that they’re used to, for purposes of business, leisure and other purposes. Tourism can be divided into groups such as domestic, internal, national and international tourism

Tourism History-
Empire Era: during this time period, people started to travel in big sums for many purposes such as, religious, government, education and commercial, it was easy also safe to travel at this time.
Middle ages: during this period 5th to 14th centuries, travel was nearly wiped out as it was dangerous to travel and was isolated.
Renaissance Era: during this period 14th to 16th centuries, routes slowly began to open as interests grew for commercial and pleasure.
Grand tour era: 1613 AD to 1784 AD, luxury travels was started by the English who were rich, as soon spread through Europe.
Mobility era: 1800- 1945, during this time there were roads, railways and steamboats, the economy was slowly succeeding, also the invention of planes and automobiles gave more choice to travel.
Modern era: 1946 onwards, international travelling started happening during world war 2.

As regards to NZ tourism, The organisation tourism NZ is the oldest national tourism in the world and Australia is the biggest tourist industry in NZ, it contributes over 1.18 million people per year.…

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