Essay about The Decline Of Trade Unionism

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The decline of trade unionism has been a noticeable feature in the UK in recent years. This has led to a lot of research being done to try and figure out what is causing the decline (Meardi, 2012). The decline in trade unionism has in some way led to the use of human relations practices and new forms of work organisation such as high-involvement, high-commitment, and high-performance management, or simply human resource management (Harcourt & Wood 2004). This paper explores the downward trend in workers joining a trade union in the UK and the effects this has had on Human Resource Management and working conditions. This paper will also give examples of recent improvement in industrial relations like change in employment law and also explain how the trade unions aim to protect their members. It also includes a discussion of what trade unions do and the current union membership density. This essay is organised according to the findings from studying the human resource management in the recent years, and the union membership density concerning motivation of employees in terms of working conditions and job satisfaction.
How human resource has affected trade unions
The influence of Trade Unions on Human resource management in the UK cannot be overstated. Unions were established in the 1930’s and by the 1970’s the number of employees in trade unions had reached an all-time high of over 13 million employees. This number has however been decreasing over the years and by 2014 the…

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