The Decline Of The Twentieth Century Essay

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The twentieth century was a time of much change but it was also a time of much conflict , we had many peoples lives who were improved but also times in which peoples lives were ruined or outright ended. The century seemed to pass from ups and downs constantly , leaving the people dumbstruck as wars broke out , rights were fought for , and technology was accelerating and becoming a commonplace part of society. The whole century could it really all be seen as good or bad? It is hard to say but the attempt of this paper is to delve into the things that happened during this time , particularly to discuss the events themselves though and not necessarily the root causes unless pertinent. The goal is to not only to discuss all the rises in the times such as civil rights but also the many falls we had in the time such as war and genocide. To start off the bleaker portions of the century will be discussed and the main key to that will be the the large wars of the era. The first of which being the first world war, the second being the second world war, and the last being the cold war. All three of these wars had far reaching consequences on many nations in the world and indeed how we view some groups. Not to say that only these wars happened though there were quite a few wars and many genocides even happened during the years such as the Armenian genocide or the Cambodian genocide and they were not small because in the Cambodian for example in which over a million people were…

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