Essay on The Decline Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was legendary in its height. Roads, architecture, politics, warfare, mythology and more made the nation one of the most successful and long lasting of any this planet has seen. They did though, like most civilizations, experience a fall. In this brief analysis, the pitfalls of the Great Roman Empire which lead to the decline are discussed. After 500 years as the world’s leading superpower the Western Roman Empire fell 476 A.D (Evans). Why exactly it fell is a matter of debate among scholars though a mix of inter-connected factors is generally agreed upon. The Empire fell to Barbarian tribes who had steadily encroached on its borders.
In his book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive”, Jared Diamond discusses the crucial factors which lead to societal destruction. The Roman Empire’s fall is related to the third of these factors, chronicle struggle with hostile neighbors (Diamond). Rome had fought the Barbarian tribes for over a thousand years prior to being finally overrun by Germanic tribes. The great city of Rome fell to its first sack in 410 A.D. to the Visigoth King Alaric (Evans). Repeated sacks in the fifth century would take place until the Germanic Odoacer led a revolt and overthrew Emperor Romulus Augustus in 476 A.D. (Evans). It is often cited as the fall of the Roman Empire since no Emperor would again rule from the eternal city after the date.
For the Empire to finally have fallen to the Barbarians that it had managed to keep at…

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