The Decline Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The Roman Empire began in Italy as a bunch of villages on the Seven Hills, a defensible spot due to marshlands from the Tiber. This position is 16 miles upstream the Tiber allows the fastest route north and south, and close enough to the shore to control trade in Italy.
As the villages grew, It grew into one large city which would be the foundation of Rome. Rome supposedly got their name from Romulus. with strong influences from Greece who colonized Italy and still held Sicily at this time. Greek influence was also passed down by the Etruscan’s who copied their alphabet and letters and passed it down to the Romans when the Etruscan’s ruled. They were freed around 510 BC and started their rise to power in Italy.
In the Roman Republic the Upper classes ruled known as Patricians and served as public officials. Consuls had chief executive power and would be elected yearly. A Senate of elders also ruled over Legislation. Later Plebeians were represented by Tribunes in assembly, and eventually allowed to serve in all offices.
As the Romans conquered new land, they would colonize to put their own people in newly conquered provinces to help prevent uprisings and integrate them into their society, Similarly American Immigrant’s Cultures Religions and other are accepted to form a mix of cultures. Romans could because of this, band together in times of crisis.
The Romans became equal with Latium, but eventually became more powerful and conquered the Sabine. Etruscan power had begun…

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