Essay The Decline Of Neatness By Norman Cousins

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“The Decline of Neatness” by Norman Cousins; discusses in detail how society has develop the “sloppiness virus”. The way people dress today; relaxed, layer back has created an unintended down fall in society’s values and attitudes. Education, relationships, and the environment are some topics that have been affected by the sloppiness virus. In the past, education was the most valued resource for a better life, a person couldn 't do or become anything without proving their academic worth. However today there’s a lack of vocabulary, determination, and a real insight of how education can shape the world. The society’s value of relationships had also had a decline. The lackadaisical attitude that people show in their relationships today can be pinned back to TV programs and movies that desensitize people to sex and gives a lack of privacy. The environment is also an effected party, it’s so common for people to walk past litter on the ground and think nothing of it. It’s a social norm to not care and if people do care they get labeled as a tree huggers or stuck up, but when in reality people who show concern are the only hope left in society; they’re the ones who see that people attitudes are dramatically changing the world. Education was once the most valued thing in the world, still today some places in the world people have to fight for the right to learn, but in America since the education is free the value of education when down; less people are continuing their education…

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