The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The fall of the seemingly all-powerful Roman Empire has been blamed on a tremendously long list of mistakes and events that are still heavily debated in today’s society; some examples of the these events include the invasions of various barbaric tribes into Rome, the economic decline and overspending of Roman society, the splitting of the empire into the East and the West, and even the rise of Christianity. While all of these causes likely contributed to the overall downfall of Rome, one in particular stands out—the copious invasions of growing barbarian tribes into Roman territory. The Visigoths, Vandals, and Huns are only a few examples of the plentiful number of barbaric factions that had a hand in Rome’s devastating collapse (Andrews). However, some historians argue that barbarian invasions were not the largest cause of the downfall; Edward Gibbon blames the downfall of this eminent power largely on the rise of Christianity in Rome in his work titled The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Squires). Others claim that the splitting of the Roman Empire into the western and eastern halves by Diocletian had the biggest impact on the downfall of Rome due to the growing weakness of the West and the resolute power of the East (Andrews). Many theories abound as to which factor posed the ultimate threat to the health of Roman society. It seems, however, that historians and researchers persistently return to blaming the collapse on the barbarian invasions of the diverse…

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